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UMD ARLIS Launches Technology & Law Academy for Security Legal Professionals 

At the speed of evolving technology, the pace of legal challenges also rapidly increases, particularly when it comes to national security. The University of Maryland (UMD) Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS) wrapped up a six-week, highly immersive program that trained 31 aspiring legal and policy professionals from the defense and intelligence communities on various facets of information technology and how the growth of IT will forever change the dynamics of law.  

The course, Emerging Topics in Technology and Law, is the first of a set of accredited courses held through UMD’s School of Public Policy, leading to a new planned certificate program in Technology, Law, and National Security. More than 20 instructors with diverse areas of expertise gave lectures ranging from cybersecurity to international law.

Although intended to be in a classroom setting, course lectures were held virtually from June 1st to July 10th and successfully educated DoD and IC attorneys with the skills needed to excel in a legal landscape that changes by the day. 

The students were nominated by their home agencies and represented variegated U.S. government agencies across the Department of Defense (DoD), the armed services, and the Intelligence Community (IC). Considered to be the best and brightest by their senior leaders, the students gained robust knowledge of the IT technologies relevant to current and future DoD/IC missions.  However, the salient theme of the course addressed how humans interacting with technology can create formidable legal consequences. 

Although in its nascent stages, the TLA course will ultimately form an enduring alliance between ARLIS instructors and U.S. legal officials as well as establish an open line of communication with federal entities, particularly given UMD’s location within the National Capital Region.  

ARLIS plans to offer more courses in 2021, both online and within the ARLIS secure environment. For more information on future courses, contact