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Crowd of people from drone

Our People

The ARLIS research team draws from a wide range of expertise and disciplines representing more than 40 different degrees in the areas of social and behavioral sciences, political and economic sciences, languages and linguistics, systems engineering and computer science. With more than 240 full- and part-time employees, the ARLIS team continues to grow in the areas of human and social systems; intelligent human machine systems; data science, advanced computation and emerging technologies; and software and systems engineering. These technical experts work with ARLIS’s many former and current defense security and intelligence operators and policymakers to solve difficult national security problems, resulting in quality research that is relevant both to academia and our operational partners.

ARLIS has responded to the increasing demand for its unique research by hiring more faculty and support staff, ending 2023 year with 140 full-time employees and more than 100 part-time employees and students. Of the full-time workforce about half started within the previous year.

Image shows the integration of multidisciplinary research at ARLIS.
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