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  • Dr. John Beieler Named Executive Director of ARLIS

    Dr. John Beieler has been appointed as the new Executive Director for ARLIS.

  • Call For Proposals: Insure Consortium Seeks Collaborative Research Projects In Intelligence And Security

    ARLIS is awarding seed funding to members of the Intelligence and Security University Research Enterprise (INSURE) consortium who pitch applied research projects benefiting the intelligence and security community.The INSURE consortium is led by ARLIS and includes 15 member academic institutions. INSURE’s goal is to support high-impact research for the intelligence and security community.

  • UMD Awarded New Contract to Support Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS)

    The University of Maryland received a new contract with a $500 million ceiling from the Department of Defense to support ARLIS. It is the largest research contract in UMD’s history.

  • Exploring the Use of AI for Research

    A new study from University of Maryland Government and Politics researchers explores the potential of machine-learning models to accelerate research on protests by ethnic groups.The study, “Can AI Reliably Accelerate Research?,” with lead author Henry Overos, an assistant research scientist at ARLIS, compares ChatGPT with other models like BERT and human coders, revealing strengths and limitations. With future studies aiming to fine-tune AI models for coding ethnic group grievances, the article highlights the transformative potential of AI in social change research.

  • Texas A&M University and the Bush School Partner with ARLIS on New Lie-Detection Device Study

    Texas A&M University System and the Bush School, through its partnership with ARLIS, is studying a new lie-detection device using ocular methods to evaluate an individual’s credibility.The device, called EyeDetect, was developed by Converus Inc.Texas A&M University is a member of the ARLIS-led Intelligence and Security University Research Enterprise (INSURE), a consortium connecting member institutions to government missions in need of applied research resources.

  • Revolutionizing Military Training: the Will-to-Fight Simulation Mode

    What motivates a Soldier to fight?

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