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As a DoD-designated UARC, ARLIS is a trusted partner for our government sponsors, ensuring that they have the bench – the capabilities, the expertise, and the skillsets – available to them to help address their needs and solve problems.

ARLIS researchers are working to develop technological innovations to better serve as an independent, trusted advisor supporting the government in roles of

  • Test & Evaluation (T&E) and Verification and Validation (V&V) partner,
  • Data curation, and
  • Broadly contributing to government mission as subject matter experts across a wide range of disciplines.

A key tenet of being is for ARLIS to operate in the public interest as a strategic partner with our government sponsors, rather than in the interest of corporate shareholders, and to conduct its business in a manner befitting its special relationship with DoD, combining technical excellence with objectivity. ARLIS's role as a UARC also enables a strategic relationship with our sponsors that gives it knowledge of its sponsors' needs and access to their information.