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Mission Areas


Acquisition & Industrial Security

The Acquisition and Industrial Security (A&IS) mission area helps government sponsors protect critical U.S. technology by creating actionable recommendations to improve supply chain resilience and trustworthiness, including identifying what technologies are critical to protect.

Acquisition & Industrial Security Mission Area
Core Competencies

Artificial Intelligence, Autonomy and Augmentation

The Artificial Intelligence, Autonomy and Augmentation (AAA) mission area has capabilities for the operationalization of human AI teams.

AAA Mission Area
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Cognitive Security

The Cognitive Security mission area has capabilities for online and offline influence campaigns in the information environment, and for protecting against malign influence by foreign adversaries.

Cognitive Security Mission Area
Depiction of insider threat

Modeling & Mitigating Insider Risk

The Modeling and Mitigating Insider Risk (MINR) mission area assists sponsors to deliver and sustain uncompromisable workforces and workforce environments for government, industry, and academia, and offers engagement advantage when facing the challenge.

Modeling & Mitigating Insider Risk
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